A Dream of Splendor


Title: A Dream of Splendor
Chinese Title: 梦华录
Episodes: 40
Disc: 7
Audio: Chinese Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Excellent
Starring: Crystal Liu, Chen Xiao, Ada Liu, Jelly Lin

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Zhao Pan Er is a smart and accomplished teahouse owner in Qiantang who lives with her two best friends, Sun San Niang and Song Yin Zhang. When she finds out that her fiancé left her for another woman after he became an official in the capital of Bian Jing, she refuses to surrender to her fate and decides to go to the capital in search of the truth. On the way there, she crosses paths with both of her best friends whose lives she saves, and they continue to follow her.

Gu Qian Fan is the commander of an elite capital city squadron nicknamed the “Living Devil”. Captured by the very people he swears allegiance to, he must uncover the truth behind a nefarious plan involving the Imperial Court. When he first meets Zhao Pan Er, they disagree, but this smart businesswoman has caught his attention, and as they help each other, they get closer to their own goals.

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