Be My Cat


Title: Be My Cat (2021)
Chinese Title: 我的宠物少将军
Episodes: 16
Disc: 3
Audio: Chinese Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Excellent
Starring: Xiao Kai Zhong, Tian Xi Wei, Sun Xi Zhi, Crystal Wang

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In the peaceful Qingqiu country of Jiangzhou, on the shore of Qingshan Lake, lives Su Xiao He. Xiao He, the bubbly owner of a local pet shop, is loved by everyone as much as the adorable animals she works with. Completely satisfied with her life, Xiao He has never been one to dream of distant places or great adventures so naturally when one day she accidentally stumbles upon a pretty blue rock, the possibility of it being anything other than a rock, never even comes to mind. Little does she know that Rock will soon change her life forever.

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