Love Behind the Melody


Title: Love Behind the Melody
Chinese Title: 花朝秋月夜
Episodes: 24
Disc: 4
Audio: Chinese Mandarin
Subtitles: English / Excellent
Starring: Wu Cheng Xu, Bao Shang En, Jiang Yi Ming, Pan Yue Tong

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Li Sa Sa, the chief pipa, played on the stage, and by chance, a thousand years ago, she was accepted into the great dynasty by a phoenix-necked pipa and became an abandoned pipa woman. Wandering the streets of Shangjing, she mistakenly inhabited the Fang Right Sect and met Lu Jing Nian, the head of the Fang Right Sect, surrounded by Yingyan in the mixed city, and the two began to explore and maneuver, and the Master Move mode passed.

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