See You After Quarantine


Title: See You After Quarantine
Chinese Title: 隔離後見個面,好嗎?
Episodes: 10
Disc: 1
Audio: Chinese Mandarin / Taiwanese
Subtitles: English / Excellent
Starring: Kawai Akihiro, Lance Chiu

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Working as a writer and translator in Taiwan, Sato Itsuki (Kawai Akihiro) has done a fairly good job of settling into his new life. Successful at work, Sato has no problems there; but with the world now in the midst of a global pandemic, he has found it rather difficult to make new friends. Turning to the online community, Sato soon discovers that he is in possession of a rare vintage seagull camera that someone once very familiar is desperately searching for. Reaching out to the person he believes is his ex, Sato sends a message not to his ex, but to Chen Bo Chun (Lance Chiu), a university senior majoring in finance and economics, instead. Unsure of who sent the message, Bo Chun quickly realizes that it was actually meant for someone else. Even so, Bo Chun is intrigued by the sender and the possibility of owning the rare camera, so he decides to reply. Falling easily into conversation with Sato, the two make an almost instant connection. Separated by a pandemic-induced quarantine, the two men have yet to meet in person, but the more time they spend together online, the closer they become.

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